The Bookworm Literary Festival: Album launch and performance on Sunday, March 24

This will be a dream come true: On Sunday, March 24 at 6 pm, Liane Halton and I will perform at the Bookworm Literary Festival to launch our album, The Last Tribe on Earth. Event description and ticket information here.

Time, joy, death, the act of living: These are among the themes explored in The Last Tribe on Earththe debut album of Anthony Tao and Liane Halton, a unique collaboration of original English-language poetry and original compositions on the classical guitar, an exploration of the big and small, grounded in our world but set against a backdrop of clashing cosmos. The combination is at once surprising, illuminating, and haunting. Their performance will be accompanied by artistic projections from a visual jockey, Nina Dillenz.

Our thanks to Aaron Berkovich for taking the above picture.