Mid-Autumn Blood Moon

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, everyone. Mid-Autumn Blood Moon was first published in Asian Cha in its June 2016 issue. (See more in the poetry section.)

《我梦上了一只猫》I Dreamed a Cat (my first poem in Chinese)

我梦上了一只猫 粉红鼻子,黑白毛皮, 躺在床上,独自走向 梦中的自由之地 他是自己的主人 一瞬坐在沧海岸边 轸念,一瞬起跑疯跳 不啻蝴蝶领空飞舞, 朝霞印在他的眼神 也梦见我了吗? 或她? 庄周梦蝶,蝶飞蝶废 是谁抱着谁的伤悲? 是谁说,以此为戒, 乌飞兔走?是谁说, 窄窄的眼界,打开眼界, 咱们称霸世界? 看着看着,晃悠晃悠, 黄昏来到,喵喵环绕… 谁在哭,啼时惊妾梦, 不得到老鼠? -陶一星

Poetry Reading, October 27: Spittoon

Yo! It’s time for Spittoon again. (Again? [Yes, it’s every month]). This time I’ll be going on in the first half as part of an ever-excellent lineup of English-language poetry and poetry-in-translation, …