Storytelling and poetry event with Mads Vesterager Nielsen

Time: Friday, January 29, 8 pm
Place: Yuanliao Space 原料空间
No. 66 Fangjia Alley, Beijing | 方家胡同66号

During the summer of 2020, Mads Vesterager Nielsen embarked on a four-month motorbike trip across 17 Chinese provinces, from the Yellow Sea to Shaanxi to Qinghai, then south through Sichuan along the Yangtze River before following the Long March route back to Beijing.

For two weeks, he was joined by Anthony Tao, and together they traveled the historic Hexi Corridor from Xi’an to Dunhuang, along the way meeting a panoply of people whose stories, taken together, tell us something different about this country we know as China. (Their trip was featured in China Daily.)

In this unique POETRY x STORYTELLING collaboration, Mads will recount highlights from his trip while Anthony shares poems written from the road. You’ll hear about abandoned communes, churches in the wild, a town named Treasured Chicken (宝鸡), being chased by COVID, a scooter accident, Lanzhou nightclubs, the Mother River, Buddhist grottoes, and all the ways one can die on a Chinese highway.

Join us at Yuanliao on Fangjia Hutong at 8 pm on Friday, January 29. This will also mark Mads’s last public appearance before returning to Europe for at least the next half-year.