Radii China: a multimedia digital platform just launched

Earlier this week, Radii went live. As chief editor, it’s been a busy last few months putting the pieces in place, but the hardest work is ahead: keeping a content stream going, recruiting new contributors, finding fresh ways of asking, “What is China?” and delivering for an audience that might not be entirely familiar with this country. It’s going to be a big challenge.

But of course, it’s also going to be an exciting opportunity. We have some amazing things planned, and I can’t wait to show everyone.

If you’d like to be involved in any way, please don’t hesitate to email me at anthony@radiichina.com. We’re currently looking to fill out our editorial team, but we also always have a demand for contributors — writers, filmmakers, researchers, podcasters, etc. — basically anyone with an interest in China and a story to tell.

We’re barely a week old (officially, since the hard launch was Monday), but there’s already some great pieces on the site now. I’ll leave you to check them out. Small sampling:

EDITOR’S NOTE, by me: http://radiichina.com/editors-note/

MODERN LOVE AND ANCIENT CEREMONY IN THE HEART OF SHANDONG, by Carl Setzer: http://radiichina.com/modern-love-and-ancient-ceremony-in-the-heart-of-shandong/

WEREWOLVES, THE GAME: WHO DID YOU KILL LAST NIGHT? by Biyi Feng and Yan Zhou: http://radiichina.com/werewolf-the-game-who-did-you-kill-last-night/

THE TOP 10 BANDS IN CHINA RIGHT NOW, by Krish Raghav: http://radiichina.com/10-chinese-bands-we-love/

YIN, a weekly feature where we look at Chinese music: STRANGER IN THE NORTH, by Megan Pan: http://radiichina.com/yin-stranger-in-the-north/

Of course, I absolutely look forward to hearing your feedback, comments, questions, criticism, etc.

With regards from Beijing.