Thank you to the editors of the following publications for featuring my work.

Kartika Review: Things That Taste Like Purple
Borderlands: Green Lake Park in Kunming
Eunoia Review: Four poems
Prairie Schooner: Samizdat in Blood
The Anthill: Broken Scotch, Writers in China
Blue Five Notebook: Sunrise at Mount Emei
Five 2 One: Choosing
Poetry East West: Wen Yiduo
MaLa: Just Another Park in Sichuan
Cottonwood: Anna Karenina in Suburban America
Asian Cha: Mid-Autumn Blood Moon, 6/4
LoReLi: Amazing the Ways We Hurt
Spittoon: After the Dust
Naugatuck River Review: Baby Rabbit
Switchback: Romeo Thinks on Rosaline
The Shanghai Literary Review: Expats in Beijing
Voice & Verse: Love’s Monster
Frontier Poetry: Christmas alla Romana
NPR: Career Path
The Cortland Review: Growing Up With Beijing
Michigan Quarterly Review: Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi
Rattle: Coronavirus in China
The Los Angeles Review of Books China Channel: Wishes from Hong Kong