Our poetry x music album, “The Last Tribe on Earth,” has arrived

Hardcopies of The Last Tribe on Earth arrived today, and what can I say? Joy, sadness, longing, bliss, regret, truth, purpose, something approximating truth, some delusion of purpose, some allotment of suffering proportional to our mistakes, some allocation of pain for being human — it’s all in there, in this box and between these pages.

Liane Halton, who collaborated with me and absolutely shines in this album in ways you have to listen to believe, put it best I think: “Our PoetryXmusic experiment attempts synchronicity between music and words, but the result is and will always be imperfect and inherently human. Our collection of pieces is our interpretation of what it means to be human: love, history, death, beauty, uncertainty and the future.”

There’s so much of us in this small book. And so many of these books in this small box.

Have to think of a way to get rid of them…

Here’s where you can buy the digital album. We’re also performing at the Bookworm Literary Festival on March 24 at 6 pm, so please come by if you’re in the area.

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