Poetry x Music has four December shows

We have a busy month ahead, with shows on December 6, December 11, December 19, and December 23 (at Temple, to make up for that cancelled show in September). Check out our full performance schedule here.

We begin on Sunday, December 6 at Cloud 9 Bar, when we share the stage with Great Buffalo Blues. Tickets here:

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who came.



Friday, December 11 at Nugget: Liane and I on the Tiny Stage, playing some old and new material. Scan for tickets (or buy at door):



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Saturday, December 19 at Pi Bar: The Poetry x Music Band will be taking the stage. Scan for tickets (or buy at door):



Wednesday, December 23 at Temple: The final show of the year sees the Poetry x Music Band alongside two other acts as part of Spit-Tunes. Tickets are 40 RMB (door only):



P.S. If you haven’t seen us yet, this is our band, featuring myself and Liane Halton, David Moser on piano, Ryan Etzcorn on drums, and Jared Lang on bass. From a recent practice session: