Poetry x Music Band debuts at Temple on Oct 22 [UPDATE]

Liane and I now have a band — and we’ll be debuting it on Thursday, October 22 at that most iconic of Beijing livehouses, Temple 坛酒吧 (address: 206 Gulou Dong Dajie | 鼓楼东大街206号).

We’re very excited to have Jared Lang join us on bass and Ryan Etzcorn on drums. Pianist David Moser, who has performed with us in the past, is finishing up some quarantine and can’t be with us on Thursday, but we’ll integrate him into the fold in the future.

More information here, via Spittoon.

Poetry was never meant to be static; come experience it as it was intended, with surprise and delight.

Thursday’s show will also feature the poet Michael Burton in collaboration with Dann Gaymer (of The Slow Blade), and open with James Holt. It’s going to be great.

UPDATE: A few hours before the show was to begin, we got news from Temple that they would be closed that night. We moved the show to Pi Bar — a smaller place, but one that we were able to pack out. It still went great.

Here’s a video, taken by Nina Dillenz, of our rendition of “Kangding” (from The Last Tribe on Earth):