“6/4” published in latest Asian Cha

My poem “6/4” has been published in the latest Asian Cha, my second time appearing in this Hong Kong-based journal (see: Mid-Autumn Blood Moon). Editors Tammy Ho-Lai Ming and Lucas Klein have assembled quite the roster of poetry contributors for their annual Tiananmen issue, including Bei Dao, Duo Duo, Liu Xia, Xi Chuan, Yang Lian, Xi Xi… it’s amazing. Go check it out.

6/4 can be read here. It’s accompanied by this author’s note:

The author was five years old in Beijing in 1989 and lived a mile north of Xidan, where much of the violence occurred on the night of June 3 and early hours of June 4. He remembers gunshots, but it is likely a false memory. He left to join his parents in the U.S. the following spring.

(My other published poetry.)